End to end Network Security policy

… from the use of PCs through to configuration of firewalls and the derivation and configuration of best practice between the two. This extends from definition of the security policy and best practice to security profiles for networks, intranet, extranet, applications, telecommuters and remote users. Virus protection, espionage rules and procedures for the company personnel, wiring, logistics operations, workstations and servers. Technical support system auditing policy and through to the implementation of firewalls and proxy servers with the attendant  communication of risk management considerations.

Courses : CP2000 (incl cpmad) VPN-1 for Security Professionals. CCSE v 4.1 August 2000 Checkpoint Firewall-1 VPN-1 NG Advanced Management

Security Policy Writing. Government and NHS web sites.

Security operating procedures written to BS7799 standards. BT Internet Data centre Infrastructure Security Policy rewritten for 3rd party access rewritten for management access by Sun to BT managed data centre hosted platforms. Streamlined process written for security policy production, simplifying the process for certification of web hosting deployments in BT's infrastructure but allowing BT Security to continue to manage the risk of Web Host deployments.


Experience of practical issues of Third party connections to NHSnet. Firewall configuration checks and auditing of Firewall Rule sets .

Security Policy derivation and implementation

Security Policy Procedure Design

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Security Policy

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Windows 2000 MCSE upgrade course 5/3/2001

for support for the Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol for authenticating Windows 2000 users and integration of  Windows 2000 security with other operating systems that use Kerberos-based security with public key infrastucture to support certificate services.

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