Security Design Manager  Telecommunications Company B (custom Web Hosting Design Team). December 2000 to December 2001

High Availability Firewall connection design for upgrading the email hosting platform in use by Talk21 and Amstrad. Consultancy on the design and use of Nokia IPSO platform firewalls wrt to rate shaping methods .. as well as general sizing and interface design considerations. Consultancy on checkpoint Firewall-1 implementation in general. Firewall openings security design for management of web hosting deployments from the the company corporate network. Security consultancy on internet virus infestations. Advice on patching and prevention of buffer overflow attacks on NT platforms.  More ……..

At Cap Gemini (August 2000 to December 2000):-

Designed and implemented an IP address schema for the Project environment. Designed and implemented a High Availability Firewall and Router configuration for the Project

Environment. Designed and implemented a DNS configuration for the Project environment All these for the Web site/ DMZ/ Intranet/ development and remote offices. Windows 2000 environment.

Close liaison with the other IT stream members and other delivery streams.

Provided technical assistance to stream members when required. Documented both the Design and

Full Description Of BT Secrity Web Hosting Infrastructure Design Work Here ...

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I am a Checkpoint Firewall-1 Certified Security Engineer.  So deliverables include  firewall set up with  CheckPoint  VPN-1 Firewall-1 with Nokia Firewall-1 High Availability Appliances.  Establishing of the security aspects of communication for email, WEB access and other internet use across  industry standard platforms (including Windows NT, Routers and Unix servers). Nokia High Availablity installation Ipso configuration. Cisco PIX installation. This includes configuring of secure settings for firewalls as required. I can deliver integration of the firewall with encryption for VPN installation for secure access for remote users and the use of the Firewall for load balancing of Web servers in busy e-commerce environments.

At Telecommunications Company A

my projects included  Cisco Access Router (AS5300) based dialup project  for  Directors and expansion of the whole of the dialup facilities, configuration of 3rd Party access to the Corporate network, day to day security issues for access through NTL firewalls, upgrade of company firewalls to Nokia 3300 with rulebase changes, configuration of NetApp Netcache unix based network appliance web proxy/content vectoring/cache machines for corporate internet access, web server DMZ firewall rulebase changes, management of protocol / port specific access to the company's networks, attendance of corporate data protection meetings, involvement in VPN installations. Courses Advanced Firewall-1 Management , VPN-1 for Security Professionals. CCSE


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Full Description Of Cap Gemini Security Web Hosting Infrastructure Design Work Here ...

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