Penetration Testing

While at BT I attended the Internet Security Systems Ethical Hacker course .. I set up and trained in  the use of pen testing machines using industry standard tools for use in  BTs internet data centres. We  used  Nessus, Sam spade, iss scanner, nMap  and other industry standard methods.

Testing for current significant vulnerabilities is undertaken as follows :-

Firewalls and Network security Testing ….

I am certified and experienced in Firewall design and configuration.

Experienced on Proxy Server configuration.

Data capture.

DNS security testing.

Protocol analysis and specialised port scanning for network mapping

Clear text password problem testing.

Routing and router  insecurities.

SMTP header analysis.

SNMP MIB vulnerability analysis


Unix Platforms and

Microsoft Platforms (NT and Windows 2000) Testing ..

Finger enumeration.

SMTP enumeration.

R command enumeration.

RPC enumeration.

NFS exported directory enumeration.

X server detection.

FTP server vulnerabilities.

Web server vulnerabilities.

TFTP server vulnerabilities.

Banner grabbing vulnerabilities.

Samba shares vulnerabilities.

Netbios share vulnerabilities and enumeration.

User name enumeration through RID cycling.

User name and password testing.

IIS and NT Windows 2000 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft SQL server vulnerabilities.

NT trust relationship vulnerabilities.

Database vulnerabilities.

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Network Penetration Testing

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