Additional Cisco Router and WAN management deliverables  :-

Configure and manage WAN services: X.25/LAPB, Frame Relay, ISDN/LAPD, SDLC, HDLC, PPP, DDR on Cisco router equipment. Configure initial router installation using Setup. Backup, upgrade, and load Cisco IOS images.

Fully experienced with IOS and monitoring RAM, ROM, CDP on Cisco routers. Management of  configuration files. Control of router passwords, identification, and banners.

Managing of TCP/IP interface addressing and subnetting. ISDN management. ICMP management.

Manage multiprotocol routing icluding igrp IPX tcp/ip etc. Manage frame relay and x.25 management including LMI's, maps, and subinterfaces. Management of PPP operations to encapsulate WAN data on Cisco routers. Configuration of standard access lists to figure IP traffic.

Monitoring and verification of access list operations on Cisco routers. Configuration of extended access lists to filter IP traffic and configure IPX access lists and SAP filters to control basic Novell traffic

Microsoft Exchange server 5.5, NT and messaging deliverables

Manage and maintain site security, users, distribution lists, directory services, public and private information stores , mailboxes, addressbook views and key server installations..Managing of servers and the relocation of email resources. Managing the backup and restore of the Exchange organisation.Manage and troubleshoot the connectivity, synchronisation, migration, co-existence and upgrading (of old versions of  Exchange server) of/from/with outside organisations and other mail systems including x400, MSMail, ccmail and internet connections with POP3, IMAP4, active server, NNTP, LDAP and message tracking and security aspects. Managing directory replication and  MTAs Link and server monitors; server and external link optimisation; server monitoring using SNMP and MIBs and planning of other maintenance operations. Development of the Exchange server infrastructure, including server side scripting, planning for implementation of public and private store databases, and connectivity issues. Managing Client installation issues including scripted rollout, forms Schedule+ and calendar (MSMail) integration and use. RAS WINS ROUT DNS troubleshoot. Etc  Microsoft MCSE / mcp id 1243645






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