Recent Projects

Configuration test and assessment of Cyberguard and with HA arrangement (E3 / EAL4 Firewall/VPN product) (September 2002)

I have been asked to report on the CyberGuard HA Firewall system capabilities for a Clas registered government consultancy. This is being undertaken in conjunction with Cyberguard Europe Ltd. This product is to be implemented at a number of security sensitive government sites to eliminate single point of failure on firewalls and to utilize the high capacity and multi-level security features of the  Starlord (SL) product in combination with NIC and appliance failover.

Mxtreme Borderware Firewall Server v65. Document Gateway v 2.0 Mail Gateway v1.1 (E3 / EAL4 cerified Mail Gaeway and Firewall (September 2002)

Assessment of this product  in relation to others for  a Clas registered government consultancy. This product offers a complete package (Mail gateway with built in firewall and Content Scanning) with integrated hardened  Operating System specially written to satisfy the E3 / EAL4 Common Criteria requirements for top specification government installations.

A High-profile Government organization    August 2002

This configuration  provided firewalls which can  be configured for OSPF resilient use to comply with a Cable and Wireless interconnect system  Hardware difficulties were diagnosed to NICs non-compliant with Checkpoint's NIC compatibility list. Firewalls built using HMG hardening and Checkpoint Firewall-1 NG in ITSEC E3 /EAL4 compliant configuration. Dell Poweredge 2500 NT 4.0 SP4a (Nokia not E3 /EAL4 compliant at time of install)

University A July 2002

Nokia 530 installed to replace non-supported Sun Solaris Netscreen. Nokia reimaged and re-installed to IPSO 3.5 and CP FW-1 PF2 standard. Licensed and installed over a weekend and university network and JANET connection left good ready for UCAS work in the following week! 


I am able to supply VPN links to industry standards using IPSEC, IKE, 3DES etc across multiple platforms, drawing on my experience and training with Cisco and Checkpoint. I am able to work with Stonegate, Stonesoft and Gauntlet.


Firewall-1 4.1




Firewall-1 CCSA NG Certification

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